Welcome to Heese SMP!

Heese SMP is a breathtaking minecraft survival server experience unlike any other. Embark on epic adventures with your comrades, create the most glorious structures, experience what minecraft survival was meant to be. We support both Java and Bedrock. Join now!

Server features

Our server has a variety of enhancements onto the vanilla game, to make it more enjoyable for our illustrious playerbase. Some of these may include teleportation commands, creation of player shops, live server map, mineable spawners and many more.

No grief policy

Instead of protecting blocks like most servers, our server has a rule against griefing. Griefers will be swiftly taken out and the damages may be easily restored.

No map resets

Our administration team despises map resetting (deleting progress of all of the players). On Heese SMP, there are no map resets, so your work will be safe.